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Old rusty metal sign with a flagDocument preparation/review
As a result of Article 26 of the Arizona Constitution, Arizona is the only state that allows a Realtor to prepare purchase and listing contracts, but in contracts, one word can make a world of difference in how the contract reads. You want to be sure that word is in your favor. Laura Bramnick will make sure the documents used for your transaction are the right documents. Whether it is a purchase contract or a lease, careful review of each document before you are asked to sign will assure you that it is accurate.

Transfer of Ownership
Transfer of ownership is one of the most basic real estate transactions you will see … and potentially one of the most likely to encounter problems. Whether you are a first time homeowner or a seasoned investor, an undocumented buyer or the CEO of a major corporation, you want to avoid unanticipated problems. Laura Bramnick is known for her thorough preparation and meticulous attention to detail.

The sheer number of documents involved in a purchase or sale can be intimidating. But Laura knows those documents and you can trust her review of them. As a Realtor, she goes beyond that, however. She can not only advise you, but can also close the sale – from listing to purchase agreement to clearing title.

divorceGoing through a divorce is undoubtedly an emotional time for you and few situations are more emotional than letting go of the home you built together. But once the ink is dry on the final papers, you want to make sure you have done all you can to protect yourself. If you are the one moving, you want to be completely free of the deed, the debt, and any obligation to that house, including the possibility that an ex-spouse who can no longer afford the payments leaves you holding the ball. Laura Bramnick provides the comprehensive legal counsel you need to protect yourself in a property transfer during a divorce.

Someone you love has died and left you their property. What now? Do you rent, sell, or move in? What if there are several other heirs? What if there is a mortgage or the property is underwater? Are there tenants to be dealt with? Are you sure you are aware of all the properties you have inherited? When you are grieving, dealing with the properties you have inherited can seem overwhelming but Laura Bramnick, a compassionate attorney who excels in dealing with inheritance issues, can help sort through the unfamiliar situation by:
• Handling issues related to multiple heirs
• Counseling on properties that are underwater
• Advising on assumption of mortgages
• Exploring sale vs. rental options
• Assessing the value of commercial or residential rental property
• Counseling on tenant-landlord issues when applicable


Ideally, you want to solve problems before they can happen. It saves you money. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in a dispute. Perhaps you are on one side or the other of a breach of contract claim. Or you have HOA problems that you simply cannot seem to resolve. Maybe you have discovered that the dream home you just bought is more of a nightmare than a dream. A lawsuit can be expensive, and time consuming and emotionally draining, but mediation offers an affordable alternative. Laura Bramnick will represent your best interests during mediation, making sure the result is one you will find acceptable.

Commercialnew home keys
Purchasing or selling a commercial property is a big deal. The investment affects your livelihood so in making a commercial transaction, a true professional such as Laura Bramnick can help you assure the best deal possible. As a licensed Realtor and attorney who deals with real estate issues every day, she is in a unique position to create opportunities for commercial real estate clients. Working with properties that range in size from the smallest strip mall to large office condominiums, Laura can help you with:
• Reviewing, negotiating or re-negotiating leases
• Loan modifications
• Commercial property purchases
• Commercial property sales
• Tenant location

Distressed Properties
Living through financial difficulties poses a challenge for any family. And facing foreclosure due to those difficulties or living in a home that is so far underwater you cannot see the surface can be emotionally and financially devastating. Your credit may be damaged. You may be facing tax consequences if you sell short or go through foreclosure. Homelessness is an unthinkable possibility. It feels as though your world is crashing down around you, but help is available. Laura Bramnick will bring the full weight of her comprehensive real estate and legal experience to bear on your behalf. As your lifeline to surviving a distressed real estate market, Laura will guide you through the crisis and help you find the best course of action for you.

Short sales
A short sale may sound like an easy way to get out from under a property. But is it right for you? Many fail to realize that there are tax implications to a short sale and that it can also affect your credit. If the short sale is a part of your divorce settlement, you could still be liable for the loan if your name is still on the promissory note. Missing important details can be devastating. Keep in mind that banks and lenders are only concerned with their interests – not yours. Banks have plenty of time to collect their money due to a six year statute of limitations on contracts in Arizona. Having a legal advocate for your future is critical in a short sale. Laura Bramnick will serve as a buffer between you and the bank, negotiating for your best interests.

ForeclosureRow of Foreclosure Home For Sale Real Estate Signs
No one ever expects or plans to lose a property through foreclosure. But despite the best intentions, it happens and when it does, you can end up feeling completely paralyzed, unsure of where to turn. You cannot afford to wait. The sooner you act, the better. Laura Bramnick will guide you in taking the best actions and she will serve as a buffer between you and your lender or creditor. As your advocate and ally, her job is to ease your worries and stress, to help you find the best possible solution to your dilemma.

Laura will answer your concerns, including:
• How much time you have after receiving notice of a sheriff’s sale
• Whether you can do a short sale
• The tax impact of a forgiven debt
• How a short sale or foreclosure will affect your credit history
• When you will be able to qualify for a mortgage again
• Whether the lender can pursue under Arizona’s anti-deficiency laws
• Timing of filing for bankruptcy – before or after

 Loan modifications
Is your home worth less today than when you bought it and your mortgage underwater? Perhaps you are facing foreclosure. These are desperate situations, but there is good news. Since the housing crisis, mortgage relief has become available, even from the federal government. Lenders do not want to own your home and a loan modification is to your lender’s benefit, but they will not take the lead in helping you. It is critical for you to explore your options as soon as you know there is a problem. Don’t wait and risk losing out on a good option.

Laura Bramnick’s experience as both a Realtor and an attorney uniquely qualifies her to advise you on the nuances of real estate law and regulations within the framework of the law and statutes that will protect your consumer rights. She will gladly help you with obtaining:
• A principal reduction
• Principal forbearance
• An interest rate adjustment

Landlord/tenantolder woman signing the document
What are your rights as tenant? What are your responsibilities as a landlord? Whichever hat you wear, Laura Bramnick can help you negotiate the often complicated and potentially adversarial landlord/tenant relationship. It can frequently prove to be a long relationship so it simply makes good sense to start off with everyone working together to ensure cordial, mutually beneficial communication.

At the heart of that relationship is the contract you both signed. Laura will review your contract to make sure your rights are protected. Her experience as a Realtor and attorney allows her to anticipate problems before they can become problems and address them in the contract from the beginning. It is much more cost-effective than dealing with problems after the fact.

Out of control debt can take on a life of its own, a stressful life to be sure. Who do you pay this month? Who can you put off? What can you do to keep a roof over your head? Will the debt collectors never stop calling? Overwhelming debt can threaten your livelihood and your well-being and the worst thing you can do is to ignore the situation.

The best thing you can do is call Laura Bramnick – as soon as possible. Financial problems will not go away on their own, but she can help resolve them by apprising you of your options and guiding you to making the best decisions. She will be you best ally, working with your lenders and creditors to reduce or eliminate the debt. And finally, you will be able to breathe freely again and move forward to a less stressful life.

Laura can help settle debts due to:
• A deficiency balance not covered by Arizona laws
• A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
• Credit card bills you are simply unable to pay

Creative financing
Home ownership is a huge part of the American dream but sometimes the dream seems to be just beyond your reach. Perhaps you have been there but foreclosure or a short sale snatched the dream from your grasp and in the process affected your credit. Maybe some late credit card payments or other debt has affected mortgage approval. If so, it is time to explore other options. Being unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage does not have to keep you from owning a home. There are programs available to lend money until such time as you can qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Handshake of two womenLaura Bramnick will work with you and the seller to explore the many options available to you,
options such as:
• Lease purchase
• Buyer/seller lease options
• Option to purchase
• Agreement of sale
• Mortgage wraps
• Non-traditional financing

Debt settlement negotiations
Are your debts out of hand? Owing more than you can afford to pay can become a deadly downward spiral. How, you ask, did you get in so deep? You may even have reached a point where you hate to answer the telephone for fear a creditor, debt collector or even the IRS will want money you do not have. You just want it all to go away and are tempted to hope ignoring it all will make that happen. That is understandable but not advisable. Ignoring the situation will inevitably make it worse. Instead, you can enlist a powerful ally – Laura Bramnick.

Did you know that once you hire an attorney, your creditors must stop contacting you? She will deal with them instead, working with those threatening lenders and creditors to reduce or eliminate your debt. Whether it is a result of a deficiency balance not covered by Arizona laws, debts related to a Home Equity Line of Credit or credit cards you simply cannot pay, she will help you make the best possible decisions for your circumstances. Together, you can explore options to get out of the hole that threatens your well-being.


Laura B. Bramnick’s service coverage extends to all of the following Arizona Cities, Towns and Municipalities: Scottsdale; Phoenix, Mesa, Bullhead City, Flagstaff, Glendale, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Goodyear, Lakeside, Paradise Valley, Payson, Prescott, Peoria, Pinetop, Sedona, Tucson; Maricopa County, Pinal County; Arizona.


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