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Commercial Leases Favor Landlord

Commercial leases are long, detailed and usually favor the landlord. They do not have consumer protections like residential leases.  Therefore, it is important to read and understand all of its terms. It is helpful, and well worth the investment, to seek legal advice. It is common for the tenant to pay repairs and maintenance needed […]

Written on: October 1, 2015

Bramnick’s Blog – Home Inspections When Purchasing Real Estate

The standard Arizona Association of Realtors purchase contract states that a buyer has ten days to conduct home inspections when purchasing real estate. This may not be enough and the contract allows a buyer to take more time to perform inspections but the buyer must specifically state in the contract how much time he needs. […]

Written on: April 29, 2015

Bramnick’s Blog – Why Attorney’s for Real Estate Contracts?

Why an Attorney for Real Estate Contracts? Consulting a lawyer can be like going to the dentist – you have to do it to protect yourself, but it’s expensive and uncomfortable. My goal is to reduce or eliminate the pain and prevent permanent damage and the cost to repair the damage later on. How do […]

Written on: February 10, 2015


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