Laura Bramnick Discusses HOAs, Part 2 – 03-12-2015

Laura Bramnick continues her March 5, 2015 discussion of homeowners associations in Arizona from the homeowners’ perspective. Buyers need to be aware of the HOA and the CC&Rs for any property they consider purchasing.  There are few regulations for HOAs, so each HOA operates a little differently.  Each HOA has its own rules and regulations, which specifies what fees they charge, how often they collect, etc.  It is important that a homeowner or potential homeowner is aware of all the rules for living within the subdivision, all the fees they are responsible for, and any and all rights the HOA has to enforce its rights.  HOAs can fine a homeowner for failure to adhere to the rules.  Failure to pays fees and/or fines can result in a lien against the property, litigation, and even potentially foreclosure of the home.

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Laura Bramnick Discusses HOAs, Part 2 – 03-12-2015
Laura Bramnick Discusses HOAs, Part 2 – 03-12-2015


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