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Consulting a lawyer can be a lot like going to the dentist. You have to do it to protect yourself, but it can be expensive and downright uncomfortable. Laura Bramnick is dedicated to reducing or eliminating the pain associated with the legalities of real estate transactions and preventing the cost of repairing damage later on.Real estate today is no longer a cookie cutter process. Preprinted standardized forms are no longer sufficient to adequately protect buyer and seller. It is more complicated than ever before. A single word in a contract can make all the difference in how the contract reads and who it favors. That makes an attorney’s services imperative for any real estate transaction.

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Everyone has a negative real estate story, in part because most real estate prof...

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Laura is recognized as a knowledgeable expert in real estate matters by both Ari...

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What is a Real Estate lawyer? Your real estate lawyer is you advocate and your a...


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Laura and Kim discuss ethical considerations with legal billing.  They discuss billing expectations, consultations and billing procedures. Retainer and advance fees costs are also explained.

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I thought banks were supposed be more user-friendly when it comes to applying for a loan modification. There have been lawsuits against the big banks that have resulted in settlements and promises of fixing all of the problems consumers were having when applying for a loan modification. There have been programs like HAMP and the […]

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